The genesis of DragnMastr13 resulted from my desire to delve deeper within a facet of myself that had, for a variety of reasons, been muted by the discriminating gaze of others throughout my life.

The DragnMastr13 moniker is simultaneously an homage to the anonymity of early internet chatroom culture, and Nietzsche's dragon metaphor in his work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, a work that has greatly influenced my worldview. As The Dragon Master, I have mastered and slain the Great Dragon, clad in gold scales of "Thou Shalt", and tamed the lion within that roars "I will". 

This alter ego reinforces my fascination with the fluid self, a self that isn't concrete and defined, but one that is free to be whomever it pleases. And who I desire to be, is an empowered, ever-evolving individual who finds a playfulness and pleasure in the fabrication and mastery of Self.